︎︎︎︎︎︎ Meticulously crafted musical sound design and sound effects to support the action, tone, and feel of any game or interaction. Each sonic element is designed or timed to fit the gameplay in 2D or 3D space.

Rowdy Rascals - Sound Design & Music

The whimsical humor in the party game Rowdy Rascals required comedic sound design to fit the stylization and fun. A true synesthetic challenge to create a sonic palette to compliment this hilarious game!

PUBG - Sound Effects

Recreating the over-the-top atmosphere of 80s / 90s action movies like Rambo or Terminator was the focus for these hyper-layered explosions and impacts from a top-down perspective.

EA Tetris Blitz - Sound Design

Retro style sound effects package features a colorful array of synth-driven SFX to highlight the exciting game play and animations.

Specialized Bicycles - 8bit Game Music

This novelty game needed stylized music from the era of Nintendo’s Excite Bike to match their comical California online game experience.

EA - Sound Design (Coming Soon)

This sound design package features sonic brand and navigation UI for a product implemented into Need For Speed, Sims, and Call of Duty. This sonic package showcases laser tight sound effects and quality. Samples available upon request info@hboyesen.com

Night Club City - Music

Throwback! The music in Nightclub City was all electro house and heavy club sounds as the backdrop to keeping your customers happy and dancing. It was nominated the #1 Facebook game two years in a row.