︎︎︎︎︎︎ We create sonic personalities adding as much detail as possible for every project. Digital products, physical products, animations, and anything needing sonic depth on visual cues or user experience. 

Adobe - UX Navigation & Music

Field Trip is an online interactive adventure for everyone. It’s minimal design called for a minimal sonic palette with simple notification sounds to immerse the user into the geometric world where thousands of users designed their own unique  kite and flew them together with each other.

Hulu - UX Navigation

Built from scratch using simple waveforms, these User Interface sounds highlight the users' navigation in a pleasing and informative way. More than 110 assets were created and distilled down to the 10 sounds which can be heard for Hulu Live.

Nike - App Animation

Diving into colorful scenes for the Nike Kids looping backgrounds needed colorful instruments like harps, 8-bit arpeggios, and lo-fi beats. This was a fun one for me personally since I was able to tap into my inner child who was into sports and synths alike.

Jays - BT Product UX Sound Design

Every time a Jays product is turned on, disconnected, or low in battery, unique and subtle notification sounds are played informing the user. Using these products every day required that the sounds be almost transparent.

Google - Product Sound Design

This welcome animation plays when the user has sucessfully setup the device. Highlighting the four colored worlds of Google, each world has a unique sonic palette. The end title features a symphony tuning up to the logo.

Tommy Hifiger - Animation

Zooming into the sound of recycled denim is a concept using all natural sounds like rake whooshes, babbling brooks, fields, birds, and insects buzzing in an open field.