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Harald Boyesen is an award winning Composer and Sound Designer with a deep passion and understanding of visual language.

He creates bespoke audio experiences for brands, original soundtracks for motion picture, and sonic brands for television and advertising.


San Francisco

Scoring his first commercial at the age of 23, his career took off at an early age. Simultaneously studying film at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, he utilized this knowledge to create a visual sound which is sought out by some of the biggest brands in the world.

Clients include: Adidas, Adobe, EA, Google, Intersport, NASA, Nike, Uber, YouTube, and many more.

“My focus lies in precision electronic audio to create colorful experiences wisking users away on a journey.” 

“This applies to in-product explorations as well as timbral compositions synced to picture.”

129 Films Interview
June 2019

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