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Sonic idents provide a crystal clear voice for brands, a personality which defines their product. Every ident is unique in tone yet the process is polished and refined, making it easy for brands to find their sound.

Client: Google

The boot-up sound for the Nexus Q created by Google. This ident is in the key of C playing eight digital polysynths simultaneously spanning a key range of 4 octaves creating a full bodied sound comparable to the THX brand. 

Client: Clorox

Clean, powerful, and fresh. The notes are in the powerful key of Bb major while the timbre of the pianos and bells are crisp and clean like glass. The feeling of freshness is captured by the inhaling and exhaling recordings. 

Client: Home Advisor

The notes of Hallelujah sung by one male vocalist, one female  vocalist multiplied 40 times, backed by an organ, a poly synth, and digital choir created the rich fullness of a real analog choir. This aired across the U.S. on all major broadcast channels.

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