Client: Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Original composition featuring recorded guitars, layered drums, and atmospheres to create a snapshot of the expasive back country riding. This blend of modern psych rock and cinematic pads offers a juxtaposed sound which the brand needed for it’s latest release. 

Client: Mr Frank & Harriman Steel

This piece is composed of organic cello sounds and many layers of other acoustic instruments to match the brand’s ‘Grow Beautiful’ campaign. Each scene introduces a new melody as the sweeping environment progressively becomes more and more grand ending on the still sound of wind.

Client: Iris Amsterdam

What eats? Mouths. This is why the main instrument is a vocal synth modulating over the music which bends and changes in a unique and fun way to fit the cut precisely. This first draft was instantly a hit at the agency and at Uber.

Client: Massive Music Tokyo / Nike

Evolving from delicate to strong in just 60 seconds, this piece highlights female abilities of all ranges. From a muted piano to female vocals layers crescendoing to taiko drums, this journey tells the tale of growth.

Client: First Person / VMware

Bespoke music came first in this production process. The choreography and video projection were created and synced around the beats and composition, then sound design was added later to highlight animation and dance moments.

Client: Lyft 

Catering to an audience of American Football fans, this soundtrack needed to be rock and roll inspired with an electronic edge to fit the branding of Lyft.

Client: Lyft

All diegetic sounds are created using synths instead of library sound effects. This approach highlights the minimalism in the animation and the simplicity of the concept.

Client: Nissan

Unveiling driverless technology at CES for their audience of 5k people, Nissan needed a modern yet classic soundtrack. Big breakbeats and cellos were the main instrumentation to highlight their new technology.